Friday, 14 October 2016

Some Marauder and assorted Marauder upgrades (for Joes/Cobra)

Now you can find good write ups on this network with Toysandtomfoolery and Reasonablyintelligentrambling. They'll give you an excellent run down of what you can get with these wonderful figures. You want a video then STRYDENT has you covered. I'm just gonna briefly talk about the deluxe Recon Ops figure set.

He's got those 1982 like Green with Brown Original ARAH Joes colours going on. After I'd glued the various pouches and holsters I have these left over, so you could easily buy one deluxe and a few headless basic figures in the same colours and have yourself a good time. 

So many goodies left. I don't know where to start. Then add to that the up and coming lower limb variations as well as unmasked head sculpts. You'll be drowning in options. 

I'm going to need more when my wallet allows it. 

Now I've mentioned it before but the Marauder gear is also great for sprucing up your G.I Joe figures. Give your Cobra Troopers some love with better harness and headgear. Add some flavour to your Joes and make Sabertooth slightly less Firefly looking by giving him his own personalized gear. I'm quite fond of using thin elastic strips attached to the harness belts to simulate various combat rigging. It helps keep the harnesses from leaping off the shoulders when moving the torsos and legs.

On a side note, I do like this new SDCC Scarlett figures. Gave her some mods as I always do, in the form of a spare 50th Lady Jaye harness and swapped the old 25th era head for a painted up ROC Scarlett (whom the figure's torso and upper arm tooling originated from). 

Till next time.

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