Tuesday, 5 July 2016


When Boss Fight Studios uses a slogan like the following:

They're not kidding.

So when I fool around with some bits and pieces originally intended to use on some Marvel Universe figures and slap them on a H.A.C.K.S a light bulb goes off (hooray).

One thing lead to another and once I got my kickstarter goodies in I gave myself a moratorium on properly customizing the figures I had (like new LEGO sets as a child would remain intact till they would be mixed up for the greater build). That time is over. 

I give you the Hob-Goblin

Super easy build, the hardest part would be painting the head to match the blank's colour, or near enough to satisfy my eye in hand.

He's made from the following:

Body, Arms, legs & Feet: Sunny Wheat male blank
Hands: Tree Bark Brown Blank
Head: Cast from Starwarsgeek (he's really good) from a couple of years ago
Accessories: RoC Viper Commando Vest trimmed, a Bridge Direct Hobbit Finbal the orc waist piece. A pair of H.A.C.K.S Black accessories Shin Guards. A Pair of Blank glove pieces from Marvel Universe. His under armor mail piece came from a Army of Darkness Deadite.
Weapons & Shield: One mace thing from the same Bridge Direct Hobbit line orc, a sword from the Army of Darkness line and the shield is from a 1/18 fantasy figurine line by Blue Box Toys I think.

It's all removable and he only gets sexier if you take it off... 

Oh I also gave him the Red Accessories Gorgon Helm minus the spine so it can sit on his head snugly. Now he's the Hob-est of them all. 

I'm super happy how this turned out, naturally he needs friends to go raiding with, so I hope to make more. All that's left is to give him some straps and a place to store his weapons, but I'll update that when the Hockey Tape I've ordered from the UK arrives.

 Happy trails.