Thursday, 26 May 2016

Time for more Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.

Now I wasn't an all in kickstarter backer, I had to take into account my funds and the dreaded import tax limit that all in would have given me another $100NZD at least on top of the all in.

So alas I could not get one of everything. Instead I opted for the 1st wave, an Amazon, some blanks and armor sets... and SKELETONS.

They also gave everyone a free pink Skeleton and for international backers who opted to wait for one shipment instead of in parts you got to choose a free figure. So the Athenian Warrior the choice. Paint apps on point,articulation all present and correct. Gorgon Tails a fantastic feat of engineering and everyone should at least have one.

What can I say, they turned out wonderfully. I wish I could have gone for more at the time, but eh that's what pre-orders at their shop are for. 

Now for the Skeleton, I find him way better than the old Deadites from the Army of Darkness toyline, not as robust as the Pose Skeleton but way more durable than the Larger Revoltech Skeleton. The sculpt is unreal. They got it all in their at 4inches and he's smaller than the Male and Female since he's a skeleton that would normal be inside a body. 

I'm gonna need more skeletons. 

Now their blank System is what is behind everything, sort of like the old Microman Material force blanks of old, they come in a variety of flavors for which you can use for anything you can think of. They also have some sets of Armor and weapons, that come in one solid color for you do with as you wish. Boss Fight Studios plans to keep the blanks in constant circulation while adding sets as the series theme change (bring on the fantasy and sci-fi gear).

Each blank comes with 2 sets of hands (each pair a different tilt axis like the regular figures) 3 sets of feet (booted, sandals and bare foot) and 4 heads (bald, short hair, super hero mask and a 2nd head of hair, with the female having a ponytail piece that is removable and pose-able). All cast in whatever the blank figure is allowing for some good base color configs before you even touch a paint brush.

Head swaps with other figures form other toylines will take some surgery, below are just held on temporary with blu-tac.

Here are some finished and

Now you aren't limited to the Greek or future Fantasy and Retro-Sci-fi themes. The 1st stop is obviously Super Heroes... or you can make a wetsuit:

... or Quiet from MGS V: The Phantom Pain!

 Even the skeletons can get in on the action, like here in Marauder Task force gear:

Speaking of Skeletons again, here are my 4 white ones given various paint washes... THE WORKS etc. What more could I ask for?

Total satisfaction, I'm now a customer for life, now I just got to budget myself sensibly. The only thing I can think of that could do with some attention is the shields. Now they're beautifully made and whatnot, just that the piece on the inside that's part of the handle and frame is made from a material that is thick and a bit heavy for the female and skeletons to hold for most periods of time. It'll also hamper the male figure's balance (bipeds am-i-rite). Which is a shame because the way it clasps onto the fore arm is rather genius, but better suited to 6inch figures or above.

I hope you enjoyed this and you enjoy your H.A.C.K.S.


    But they're 35 bucks shipped to my country, ARGH!

  2. Good lord! I didn't realize I was so bad at posing toys until I saw your master work.

    Particularly amazing work with those friggin' skeletons, man! This all shows off the lines versatility WAY better than I'm going to be able to do.

  3. Where the heck do you get these AWESOME props? I especially want one of those neat Stocks!

    1. The stocks are from Palisades toys Army of Darkness line that had 2 style of releases, 2-packs then blind boxof Deadites, Ash, Evil Ash and various Knights/warriors from Arthur and later Eric the Red's armies.

      Everything else is a mix of whatever I can get my hands on, be it the old Peter Jackson King Kong Playset, a McFarlane Prince of PErsia Gate or Schleich brand scale trees.

  4. What is the throne Ares is sitting on?

    1. It's an old Jazwares Mortal Kombat 20th Anniversary Shao Kahn's Arena playset. Came with those pillars scene in the photos too.

    2. One last question, on the Quiet figure, where do those shoes come from?

    3. The boot/shoe/feet parts come from the GI JOE Renegades Scarlett figure from 2011.

    4. It'll need epoxy putty/Green Stuff in the socket to make it properly compatible.