Thursday, 28 April 2016

Custom Update: G.I Joe all day, everyday

Time for a short update and to show you some customs. Nothing fancy as I'm still aiming for custom figures that require as little work as possible (more usability and less paint rub too). Let's get going.

Captain Claymore was a lot of fun to make, using the convention figure's head, helmet, vest, backpack and weapons (the figure was too stumpy for me) I transplanted them onto the parts, swapped out the feet with Marauder Falcon's and painted the kneepads while colour matching the upper boots and lower torso's pants. Alas he doesn't have the banana Giraffe camo pattern, but I chose not to do that. 

Stalker here is just the head from last year's convention figure witha  Marauder beret made to fit the neck of the excellent 30th figure (not that I didn't like the dreads, but the new head IS Lonzo Wilkinson).

Airborne is another attempt salvaging the lower legs from the previous custom I had painted all over. If I could get a cast of the Shocktrooper/Steel Brigade vest in a light blue/grey I'd use that to give him a greater classical feel. Still, I am happy with the results and the elastic leg straps glued to the belt.

Finally we come to my Classic Duke in progress, he's almost complete. I just need a US Flag decal for his right shoulder and a Marauder Helmet.

I'm rather pleased at how this has turned out so far. A good use of parts I had laying around.

Please leave any advice and feedback, it's always welcome.

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Something special has arrived... the Kokomo Toys Amazon Elite Warrior from Boss Fight Studios. And let me tell you, she is something special.

This might be the greatest female action figure in 1/18 and 4inch size to date and it's going to be hard not to gush about this figure. We can start by feeding this kitten.

Now, she comes with a few things, 2 sets of hands, 2 helmets, one long spear, 2 axes, a long bladed sword, a shield and a Boss Fight stand.

One of the nicest things about these figures is the double ball jointed neck, one into the skull the other into the neck, allows for some excellent posture and it's quite emotive for a 4 inch figure. The other is that the figure is designed to be taken apart with ease, but not at the expense of any structural integrity. And the body is extremely posable all over. They might not have the full articulation a Microman from the early to mid 2000s, but man are way more sturdy with some supreme quality control.

Now her armor is complete removable, her bracers fit snugly on the wrists, just pop the wrists out and viola, bare arms.

Same with the shin guards, even with the female Boss Fight body having the foot articulation as ankle rockers, just pop the foot off and get that off. Like the Arm braces is't snug and needs some gentle care, but don't worry the armor is all this nice soft plastic that has a lot of give.

Next the Chest armor, secured by two tabs that wrap around from the front into the back.

Makes for a solid and secure fitting when on the figure, ready for battle.

Lewd, now for the skirt, you just pop the figure apart at the torso joint just above the abdomen and below the chest. It's a really well designed ball socket clip, they really knew what they were doing when creating these figure's construction.

And now we have a nude action figure (well she's got painted underwear on the bottom, the blank figures will not).

Size comparison with some recent Marvel universe (or whatever they're calling it now) and the SDCC Jinx who I think was sculpted by one of the Boss Fight crew.

Honestly the pictures of the figure tell you more than I can via the medium of type on a blog.

OH... my

And there you have it, a brief and amateur rundown of the Amazon Elite Warrior from the  VITRUVIAN H.A.C.K.S line, I hope you have one in hand or on the way. You won't be disappointed. I need to go pre-order some more.