Friday, 12 February 2016

G.I.Joes in progress

February is hot and muggy, but that hasn't stopped me on working on some easy customs and parts swaps.


 Scarlett is just the Resolute body with the neck shortened to accommodate the Renegades head. Just add minor paint wipes and viola.

Covergirl was a figure I had longed to have/make. But $300NZD for the Club 1.0 Sub figure was way too much so I got a loose DTC comic pack COver girl from 2005 and took her arms, jacket and hair. Added them to the Retaliation Lady Jaye figure with some minor sanding to make the shoulders fit as well as drilling wrist articulation and that worked out well. Her head was a spare Mara Jade from the SW Black Series, with it trimmed to fit the hair. So I now have a Courtney Krieger I am satisfied with.

Since I didn't need the RoC Dialtone for Covergirl, and already made an updated male Dailtone I added a few bits and pieces to the figure to make.... I dunno Firewall? Maybe an original character (do not steal)  called Tollcall? 

The Baroness's head is just the MU/Marvel Infinite Valkyrie head trimmed to fit the Resolute Baroness head with some Rise of Cobra shades since I need to work out some custom eye wear for her.

Now Duke's had some good figures during the PoC/30th, but we've been needing a modern parts remake of his classic design. So I threw this together and started removing paint apps, with the aim and making a Classic Duke with as little painting as possible, so all that's need is to colour match his lower torso trouser bits and I should be good. I had some spare bits and it hit me: DO THE TIGER FORCE DUKE, and use the PoC Jungle head. So that's gonna need way more work but I think I can do it.

You can breath a sigh of relief as I didn't just destroy a Tiger Force Convention Sabertooth for the above Duke without having a spare to keep and cherish, he's rad... and totally not Firefly.

Been hankering for some Oktober guard, so Diana here is first on the list. Gonna keep her as close to the torso colors the RoC Covergirl had, and might swap the legs for the RoC Hawk since they seem to match. Getting an Olga Gurluckovich vibe from her, maybe I'll do some more guard members influenced by MGS2 later...

I've further upgraded my Cobra troopers, now they've got the battle helmets from Marauder with goggles over the helmet. Just the look i wanted. Also some nice Shocktrooper updated vests from Raginspoon. Now they look proper hard. 

Been messing around with the old 25th Trooper like this Extreme conditions Officer (good 7-pack that was). Head is the spare Sabertooth (same mold as Retaliation Firefly's head), I wish I had a few more. While the Dollar General Blue booties Cobra trooper has a Marauder Harness rig with attachments and a helmet set up like I mentioned before. I'm seeing him as part of a Cobra unit headed by a Cobra Mortal that do naughty Cobra things in South America. Dunno why but that's what crops up in my head. I hope to make a few more of these guys. Maybe paint the boots black... but I kinda like the darker blue for those parts.

That's all for today.


  1. Those Marauder figs are pretty sick.They're still a little too expensive for me to dabble In but I may cave one day.

    1. Yeah, I have like 3of the Marauder bodies and they're really nice. But it's slightly too future sci-fi with the arm guards and shin guards. However the Valkyries from last year's kickstarter look to improve upon it all.