Saturday, 16 January 2016

I Triple Jinx'd myself.


Man it's good to have the SDCC White Sparring/training/Dojo Jinx from a few years back. I was lucky to get the classic Red version before the Retaliation black and yellow was released. Jinx was a favorite figure and character for since 1987, back when I was a little lad and got this kick ass Lady Ninja.

The mold is superb, one of the best female sculpts done by Hasbro (I think those responsible are at Boss Fight Studios). Masked head is great and the unmasked head which bares Elodie Yung likeness (she was pretty good in the film, espeically with those cut scenes restored on the Blu ray). It's just a pitty the pony tail gets in the way of any backpacks.

Now I've got to think about getting the recent FSS Vypra figure which uses all of the Jinx mold except the the legs. Evil Ninja/vehicle courier, what's not to like?

Bonus: Storm Shadow likes to have outfits for all occasions.