Friday, 2 October 2015

G.I. JOE I love you.

So it's time for another post in which I spam all these pictures I've taken and posed over the last month on /toy/, flickr and various Facebook groups.

New 50th stuff came out and I've been slowly picking off figures since the 3 packs aren't on BBTS. Lets get straight to the biscuits.

Stupid Sexy Firefly repaint (with new backpack, holster, pouches and knife sheath. Hard to go wrong with this mold and I'll bracing for the eternal repaints like they did with the vintage mold. Zartan is a neat kitbash of 25th/resolute and early PoC. I think he works wonderfully.

FOE Striker, now this is a wonderful reworking of the AWE Striker, came with a great Chuckles vs a Cobra Horseman Driver and his Repurposed Snow Cat, the blue Cobra Basilisk. Gung Ho is marvelous and I dig the Spirit and Shipwreck figures. Just need to give Spirit a better vest that fit the torso and didn't restrict the shoulders.

 The Basilisk is blue and silly, but eh why not.

Storm Shadow needed some alterations, bigger feet and his neck ball socket needed to be drilled so his head didn't sit so high up like a Bobblehead.

 I've also gotten on the GI JOE club figure purchasing, via third parties cause it's less hassle and probably cheaper/safer for a New Zealander like myself.

Honestly, to me they're worth it and the new head sculpts from Boss Fight, muy bueno. Naturally I gave all the skin some paint washes for detail work. That's just how I roll.

I suppose I should track down her two brothers, or at least make some customs from all spare parts I have now. Bombstrike's head sculpt is supreme, Will look amazing on a Marauder Valkyrie body (coming next year)

Loved the original as a kid so I just had to have the remake. Utterly gorgeous. Wish I could have two but not at those prices now, yikes.

Had to swap out his vest and belt cause it was that old 25th suckfest. I love the Shocktroopr arms and legs and want them in every colour. He uses the old 25th Cobra Python Trooper so it could be worse.

I bought Big Brawler cause I want to give him a Raginspoon head, and I never had a Big Brawler. Quite a good figure all things considered. Good mix of big guy parts (4u). 

Now due to demand, prices and bad timing you can't always get everything. Such is life so sometimes you just got to do it yourself. So Muskrat here is a custom I cooked up using the same body parts the club uses but obviously from previously released retail figures. Then the head, vest and pouches are all from the Marauder Task Force line which I didn't back last year because I am an idiot. 

Speaking of Marauder Parts, they're perfect for spicing up your modern era GI JOEs. Behold as Cobra got a serious upgrade. Check out Alexx's and Tom Brook's posts about them in detail for the low down.

Begone smelly 25th anniversary straps and webbing, only the new hotness is wanted here. Seriously you can customize them however you please (glue them in so they don't fall out).

Now I proceeded to give the Shocktroopers a visual upgrade along with the Black Dollar Store Cobra Troopers and they kinda resemble XOF from MGSV.

And then one thing lead to another and now I've got more Marauder parts on the way for my Cobras. The Joe Troopers from Retaliation also got some upgrades.

It'll be interesting to see where they go from here and beyond next year's Valkyrie's. I'm ready even if my wallet is not.

Now I mentioned Raginspoon, he's a caster who makes wonderful stuff like this Kit I used to make Wild Bill from a Retaliation Trooper. HEad, Hat, Belt and Vest are all cast in their respective colours leaving you to decide what details. I've also gotten some nice Vest casts like the ones seen on the Scarface image above on the Black Uniformed Troopers. Raginspoon is extremely good and hist product and service are superb much like Starwarsgeek and AngryNomad who I've also bought cast heads off. Go get some.

A simple vest (thanks Raginspoon) and backpack swap that fits the Eel's diving helmet better and viola, tacticool Cobra Eels. The Backpacks are from the Dollar Store Shopwrecks that you should still be able to find in the USA.

Now I'll leave you with some more photos you might enjoy. Till next time...


  1. Good stuff! I've been generally pleased with the latest offerings from Hasbro and the Club. I haven't loaded up too much on MTF figures. Soon...

  2. A lot of these look just amazing! Firefly/Zartan and Bombstrike for the win here i would say for me.