Monday, 26 January 2015

That feel when you get one of your holy grails.

Oh EBAY, sometimes you deliver in ways I would have never dreamed of...

The Marvel Legends SDCC exclusive Savage Lands Zabu from a box set that also contained Shanna the She-devil and Ka-Zar. Thankfully I was only after the cat so a loose sample off ebay saved me a heap of money that the box set usually goes for.

A minor retool from the Sigma 6 Adventure team tiger that came with an 8inch Recondo. Just the head and tail are changed the rest is the same as the tiger figure.

Articulation all up in this figure. Only the larger MotUC battle cat would have more than this. All limbs are universal joints. Torso has up and down but no side to side (it's only flaw).

It can work for smaller figures by being monstrous. However he'd probably work well with upcoming Funko Legacy Skyrim figures (aesthetics be damned). Enjoy.