Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I would have been your daddy...

Brick time, this time it's Halo. They gave the figures new articulation this half of the year, well so far just the UNSC and human figures (Spartans, Marines and the New Mombassa Police) and they'll no doubt give it to the various Covenant species as the years go by (The new Prophet figure has it already).

So I bought and built my first Warthog and a few smaller sets and it was excellent. Usually I'd by the odd Blind bag figrue for fun, now I'm totally looking at the sets proper.

 Glad to see some NMPD love as ODST was probably my overall favouite of the series so far (Haven't played HALO 4 btw) I'm rather find of the series. The Brutes and Elites could stand to be larger though, but I have a plan for that...

Now the Elite figures are fun, gave the Pale Zealot figures that came with the Ghosts (Great little vehicle to build btw) a paint wash to get into all those tiny details. Gave the Brutes (Reach Era) some grey paint wash on the fur/skin, I still hope they make the Halo3 era Minor and Major as they've got the Chieftain, Jumpack and Stalker variants done.

 I wish the Jackal had a bigger shield, but apart from that he's a fun little figure, I'll try and hunt down some classic Jackals and hopefully some Skirmishers which haven't seen such a wide release.

Now the Marines are terrific and the same with the ODST figures (Finally the Rookie). A big surprise this year was the NMPD subline, poor police wont hold up to much Alien invasion though.

They also have a store exclusive subline that I can't remember for which one, since I import. Anyway It's the Infection game type so yay for Glow in the dark armor and ORANGE. Good stuff Mega Bloks you had me with the CoD now I'm sticking around for Halo and the Assassin's Creed lines. It's not like I wanted to save money.

The grand experiment: 


  1. Man those reach Brutes look so freakin' good! Wish they'd show up here already. I'm just glad Mega keeps making new Brute molds what with them being dropped from the games. I love the stupid space gorillas, and they're almost all I buy out of the Halo line anymore. Mostly because I have too many damn Spartans...

  2. ...aaaand I just noticed the Chieftain peeking around the cruiser. Adorable.