Monday, 21 July 2014

Project Orc: Topless Orcs talk about their Lives.

Time to start showing my Orc project:

It's going to be a long road...

The idea is to use a bunch of MU base bodies that are painted up in whatever skin tone I want the orc to be and then apply a bunch of modular chest, arm and leg add ons cast in resins (of some sort) as well as custom head sculpts also cast for mass production.

The chest and belt areas are going to be modular so I can mix and match them for variety.

These will work with soft good furs and tabards etc.

Oh and scribbles that I did before starting that are the basis of this project:

Not like I'm setting lofty goals or anthing...



  1. The stuff looks great, especially the art work. Very ambitious project. You planning on selling them as kits? If so sign me up

    1. If I don't sell them I'll probably have some spares. Depends on the quality can't very well give people terrible copies.