Thursday, 3 July 2014


Oh what a glorious week this is, I received my Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Ulitmate Gorgon toy from the UK this week. Still haven't seen the film, might buy the blu-ray if they're smart and have a voiceless audio track (still boggles the mind they gave them voices).

His big and articulated, like above and beyond any regular dinosaur toy (Revoltech T-Rex might beat him but that's a small figure sadly).

Head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees ankles and tail. All there and most are Ball or universal joints. It's the dream come to life.

Here it is with a 4inch ROC Gi joe figure, Helix. So yeah, this is pretty close to most smaller Tyrannosaurid family types, mainly the Tarbosaurus.

Now you might have to use some wide sellotape on the hips (they pop out easily if pulled, same with the head, neck and tail) to strengthen them as the body has electronics that I shall see about removing.

But all in all, a supremely satisfying toy that was a must have for me.

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