Saturday, 19 July 2014

FANTASY CUSTOM: Unnamed(for now) Female Hero/Aventurer.

I finally got round to completing the first half of this Duo seen in this post.

She's made up from MU Electra and X-23 parts, modified and hand painted. The hEad is Retaliation Lady-Jaye, the main belt is Black Series Mara Jade's with some brown Flex Rex for sword storage. 

Her sword is one of many I have from the Army of Darkness line while the dagger and sheath is an 11 Hour addition taken from one of the hobbit Dwarf 2-packs. Her Lower tabard is White cloth painted like the torso with GW Enchanted Blue, creased then glued on.

his figure is the first time I've used a Flesh pigment Primer from the Army painter series, damn good sprays.