Thursday, 10 April 2014

I just can't get beyond Radardome.

Ha-ha, time for another Mega Bloks post (I've not forgotten my 1st love of G.I Joe). This time it's the other new thing I got this week, the Dome Battleground set.

You get: 1 sweet building that stars off rectangularly then gets crazy once you build the roofside goodies.

A really cleverly built Predator style drone complete with 4 missiles. You have to supply your  own stand for it unless you just clip it onto the top of the dome structure.

A nice little sentry turret you can deploy to mow down unfortunates.

You get 3 superb figures, with one being a named character 'Sandman' who has a unique helmeted head sculpt (looks like the Delta force style helmet) and some extra paint applications on his gear.
The other two are a gas masked guy and masked soldier, you can never have enough of these guys or the parts used to make them. All 3 figures have the longer trouser leg instead of tucking them into the tops of the boots. You also get the usual accessories and care package container along with a bonus scale laptop.

I hope this is the 1st of many large scenery sets they'll put out over the coming years. Now I have to go plan out a small brick built combat area...


  1. Holy s^%$!Whered you find these guys at?They sort of remind me of G.U.T.S. figures.

    1. I have to order them online via Amazon and Toywiz due to living in Middle Earth.

  2. Hey man awesome photos, I've seen these in OZ and got the zombies as well as the desert soldiers. Was going to buy more but I have no room

    1. I've been selling off some older unwanted stuff to make room(not my Joes or anything 4inch, never them) and slowly picking off these sets.

      Thankfully they're easily storable.