Monday, 14 April 2014

Stupid Sexy Night Viper

Oh Night-Viper, I got you last year along with Yellow-Jinx and the RZA along with the rest of the case you came in (oh woe-is-me for another Lady-jaye, Colton, Cyber Ninja and Alley-Viper).

All in all, totally worth it, been thinking of maybe grabbing one or two more, they go for a premium and at that price you'll need to wipe the sweat from you forehead.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I just can't get beyond Radardome.

Ha-ha, time for another Mega Bloks post (I've not forgotten my 1st love of G.I Joe). This time it's the other new thing I got this week, the Dome Battleground set.

You get: 1 sweet building that stars off rectangularly then gets crazy once you build the roofside goodies.

A really cleverly built Predator style drone complete with 4 missiles. You have to supply your  own stand for it unless you just clip it onto the top of the dome structure.

A nice little sentry turret you can deploy to mow down unfortunates.

You get 3 superb figures, with one being a named character 'Sandman' who has a unique helmeted head sculpt (looks like the Delta force style helmet) and some extra paint applications on his gear.
The other two are a gas masked guy and masked soldier, you can never have enough of these guys or the parts used to make them. All 3 figures have the longer trouser leg instead of tucking them into the tops of the boots. You also get the usual accessories and care package container along with a bonus scale laptop.

I hope this is the 1st of many large scenery sets they'll put out over the coming years. Now I have to go plan out a small brick built combat area...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ya dun goofed

Time for the 1st of a few April posts, mostly of those sweet 2inch Micro-action figures courtesy of Mega Bloks. Lets start off with some silly stuff today:

Now we all know Ghosts are serious business...


I seriously hope they reuse that balaclava head some more, in green or white and with the skin showing.