Friday, 10 January 2014

Some W.I.Ps AND the glory of the TMNT Pizza box Playset

Oh yeah I took these photos, better post them.

First up is a bunch of head swappable Armies of Darkness figures. All heads have been modified and made to easily pop off so I can mix and match the heads as I choose. This also means I can use any static knight head I take from a figurine (Papo, BBi, Epixx, Schleich) and make them compatible with these bodies. It also makes for easy decapitations in photos.

Here we have a modified Hobbit Orc and another Armies of Darkness figure customized. The Orc's torso was swapped out for Lando's Skiff Disguise, the Hobbit figure's neck was transplanted onto the torso and Zandar's scarf used and glued onto the shoulders. The head was given a bit of hair and some jaw extensions. The Knight uses a spare AoD body whose bicep swivel had broken (early figure sin the line had bad QC). So I used a spare pair of Henry the Red's arms and painted the upper arm's to match the blue and red. The head is from a Chap-Mei knight and his visor goes up and down.

Now for the works in progress. 2 Female adventures, a team who are vaguely inspired by Asterix and Obelix. I started these in early December and have been sloooooowly progressing on them. They still have a ton of work to do.

Finally on the right is an Orc in progress next to a finished adventurer custom, who may or may not keep the body armor, I might swap that out for a cloth tabard when I nail that problem.

Now for the Playset. Picked this up with post X-mas sale prices, and man it is a wonderful thing. Whoever designed this needs a pay rise. New Yaawk must be crawling with Ninjas.