Thursday, 23 January 2014

Quick pics of Orcs-in-Progress

I've got my hands on some Double jointed 10mm Revoltech (the plug fits nice and snuggly on the hole in the thigh of the Bolg figure. I'll have to sink the thigh socket so the Revoltech joint doesn't stick out so much (much like I've been doing to the lower leg.

The Frankensteined Orc on the left has had more sculpting done on his body and head. I've also filed his nose down slightly.

While the Right hand orc uses MU Karnak's body (nice and thin, A Spiderman body?) with a head swap so far.

I'm planning on getting some Alumilite casting substances and trying out casting of armor and gear once some has been sculpted following the guide on the joecustoms wiki. That way it'll be easier to make Orcs on MU bodies with the option to mix and match armor bits.