Friday, 31 October 2014

Rubber Dingy Rapids Bro

So I mixed up some AC parts with CoD parts and this happened, can't take credit for the head gear, a clever anonymous poster on /toy/ came up with that.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Raise the Black Flag

This goody arrived for me today from Amazon. Comes in the standard 5-figure box that we've been seeing with the Call of Duty sets (and I assume the Halo Spartan Fire teams 5-packs). 

There isn't much to this set, as it's mainly a way to get 5 extremely well made figures with a small taste of the environment you'd find them in. You get 3 non-specific sailors/ruffians in 3 different skin tones, two with hair and one without. 

This guy is who I'd assume is the leader of the bunch, wearing a Tricorn hat and a swanky armless jacket that just slides over the head like CoD vest and WoW armour, fits snugly. The Hat like the hair uses a round 3mm peg that slots into a compatible square shaped cavity on the top of the skull. 

He may not even be a Captain but he's distinct enough to be a V.I.P/Target for the Assassin. 

Finally we have the Assassin, a nameless member of the Brotherhood. The lower robe section is made from this soft, rubbery piece like the sashes. It allows for unrestricted leg movement as well as making it extremely durable to play. He also has a hidden blade for his left arm for stabby-stabby. 
The figures are all using the same torso, crotch, upper and lower leg sculpts along with the upper arms. The Lower arms have 3 types, regular sleeves on the green arms and the Assassin's right sleeve. While the Cream and blue/grey sleeves have fancier cuffs and the Assassin's left arm is a bracer for the Hidden blade attachment. 

You'll be buying this for the figures who could be the crew for the Gunboat set for the figures in that set to capture. The modular nature of these figures also allows for you to mix and match with any other Assassin's Creed Mega Blok figures and create your own characters. The Brick quality is excellent and I cannot praise the figures enough. 

You'll be buying this for the figures who could be the crew for the Gunboat set for the figures in that set to capture. The modular nature of these figures also allows for you to mix and match with any other Assassin's Creed Mega Blok figures and create your own characters. The Brick quality is excellent and I cannot praise the figures enough. 

I don't know what to rate it, but I recommend it. 

An AC head and hood on a CoD body, potential huh? 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I would have been your daddy...

Brick time, this time it's Halo. They gave the figures new articulation this half of the year, well so far just the UNSC and human figures (Spartans, Marines and the New Mombassa Police) and they'll no doubt give it to the various Covenant species as the years go by (The new Prophet figure has it already).

So I bought and built my first Warthog and a few smaller sets and it was excellent. Usually I'd by the odd Blind bag figrue for fun, now I'm totally looking at the sets proper.

 Glad to see some NMPD love as ODST was probably my overall favouite of the series so far (Haven't played HALO 4 btw) I'm rather find of the series. The Brutes and Elites could stand to be larger though, but I have a plan for that...

Now the Elite figures are fun, gave the Pale Zealot figures that came with the Ghosts (Great little vehicle to build btw) a paint wash to get into all those tiny details. Gave the Brutes (Reach Era) some grey paint wash on the fur/skin, I still hope they make the Halo3 era Minor and Major as they've got the Chieftain, Jumpack and Stalker variants done.

 I wish the Jackal had a bigger shield, but apart from that he's a fun little figure, I'll try and hunt down some classic Jackals and hopefully some Skirmishers which haven't seen such a wide release.

Now the Marines are terrific and the same with the ODST figures (Finally the Rookie). A big surprise this year was the NMPD subline, poor police wont hold up to much Alien invasion though.

They also have a store exclusive subline that I can't remember for which one, since I import. Anyway It's the Infection game type so yay for Glow in the dark armor and ORANGE. Good stuff Mega Bloks you had me with the CoD now I'm sticking around for Halo and the Assassin's Creed lines. It's not like I wanted to save money.

The grand experiment: 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

That feel when a BIG box comes to your door.

MONDAY, came a large box all the way from the United States of America, the Big Bad Toy Store to be precise. 

And what was in this box you ask? Why a bunch of the G.I Joe 50th Anniversary sets (which is really the 32nd Anniversary for the Real Amercian Hero side of things, alas 12inch fans get nothing).

So I got one of everything bar the Snow Vehicle set, which I passed on for now and got a extra Viper Pit set and Night Marksmen set.

Flint good and I rather like the alt colours he has. Beachead just needed a belt to hide his stomach and make the vest look less... sexy. Low Light is nice to have in these colours and his gun is beautiful but flawed with the rife stock when trying to hold it. Leatherneck is huge and awesome. The other 2 don't count cause we got them before and who wants to know about Blowtorch? And Hawk is just fodder bits.

More like Danger at Dockside bars.

Trooper is good, Nice to have the helmet cast in blue (like the dollar store repaints) rather than flesh tone then painted. He's a slightly brighter blue compared to the PoC/30th. Only the web gear is lacking but it's still charming in a 1982 way so whatever.

My most wanted Concept case army builder guy, I really like the colours and will never turn down a basic Viper Repaint... EEEEEVER! More please.

Speaking of repaints, the Night Viper, now in red where once was Green. Not bad but odd, swapped out the Webgear for something better. Might just swap the heads and gear onto some spare Dollar Store Trooper bodies and put the rest to nefarious spare parts. Still not bad and I don't hate them and I got 2 Low-Light bullets now and will never loose them while YOU will!

Based Green Night-Viper.

AAAAND we don't need another classic Destro after this one, he's such a beautiful big guy (4u). Gun case is excellent and once you put some tape on the ball sockets to strenghten those loosey-goosey hips... Perfect.

Heat-Viper... Has horrible purple paint apps, and his helmet was painted on the other side just because... Nice that they made him but he's got some of the worst QC of the lot. Boo.

And finally the Cobra Eel who came with the Danger at the Docks set along with FLint and the VAMP MK2 and Cobra dingy raft. Vehicles are good, never had a classic VAMP type before (prefer the PoC/30th updates. The Set also has large box that has a lot of weapons and equipment in it, new variations on well sculpted Hasbro guns too. The Eel is great, superb use of Legs, Upper arms and hands from the Retaliation Movie suit Snake-Eyes. The rest is 25th. Also those new Flippers from the Box of stuff are glorious. 

Good stuff Hasbro, I'll be back for more Viper Pit 3-packs and the Snow Set if it comes back in stock, oh and I hope we're still getting the Baroness vs Lady-Jaye set along with the Snow JOb vs Snow B.A.T. would buy those asap too. Especially that Lady-Jaye. 

Now have some bonus pictures:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I knew there was a reason I bought a RotS Darth Tyranus figure back in 2005...

That reason is THIS:

Took the head off, trimmed off the neck and drilled a hole so it fit snugly on this MU Prof X suit body (which is a repaint of the SDCC RoC Destro suit figure). Swapped the hands for a spare pare of flesh tone Joe hands from the Retaliation line, gotta have that excellent wrist articulation. Then gave the skin a dark flesh wash and touched up his facial hair. Fin.

Also hold the cursor over the 2nd picture for the reference. So that is my tribute figure to Sir Christopher Lee, probably one of the all best all time Human beings to ever live.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Project Orc: Topless Orcs talk about their Lives.

Time to start showing my Orc project:

It's going to be a long road...

The idea is to use a bunch of MU base bodies that are painted up in whatever skin tone I want the orc to be and then apply a bunch of modular chest, arm and leg add ons cast in resins (of some sort) as well as custom head sculpts also cast for mass production.

The chest and belt areas are going to be modular so I can mix and match them for variety.

These will work with soft good furs and tabards etc.

Oh and scribbles that I did before starting that are the basis of this project:

Not like I'm setting lofty goals or anthing...