Monday, 9 December 2013

1986 meet 2002

Flashback time, 1986 and I'm  4 years old, I've just gotten my 1st G.I. Joe figure ever and it's the Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

He still survives to this day, minus his crotch and all his limbs are floppy. This is the figure that started it all for me. He's the tin trooper who kept on ticking.

There is just something wonderful about the ARAH O-Ring style figures...

edit: forgot to mention the General (Toma)Hawk in the image is from the 2002 Joe vs Cobra series who came with an excellent repaint of the Drug Dealer Headman. 2002 was the 1st time new G.I. Joes would be on New Zealand shores since 1994.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Cracker: Stormtrooper time

I bought one of the wave 2 Black Series 3 3/4inch Stormtroopers along with the 2013 Saga Legends Stormtroopers. Why you ask? because the Saga Legends 5points of Articulation figure's head sculpt nails the Stormtrooper helmet in proportions. Now as an articulation junkie I had to use this head on the better body. Low and behold this work in progress.


 The Helmet just looks so right. Now you have to do a ton of drilling on the replacement head then make your own ball socket to fit whatever you're going use for a neck joint. I opted for using the single carded MU Cyclops neck.

He can look side to side, up and down, all the goodness you need. The body of the figure is a reuse of the Vintage collection Sandtrooper, so he has those saddle riding hips and a tab slot in the back for the Sandtrooper pack. I filled that in, but those hips man... terrible. They make the tops of the thigh armour rotate outwards when raising the leg up and reduce the knee articulation. Something drastic will have to be done about this by me.

Seriously Hasbo, just tool up that new head to fit your standard Trooper body. Also clean your paint apps up, they're atrocious