Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Everybody get down and get on the floor...

... it's time for Walking with Dinosaurs.

So these new Walking With Dinosaurs 3D movie figures arrived in one of the chain stores in New Zealand just recently (hopefully others follow) with 3 price points, the Electronic Roar figures, the basic action figures (which are just the electronic roar figures without... electronics and slightly less at retail) and some smaller 3-pack figurines of the Pachyrhinosaurus. Sadly no blind bag figurines on the shelf nor the large Ultimate Gorgon which would be perfect with G.I. Joes and the like.

 See here, HUGE!

This is the electronic roar Scowler, he's one of 2 Pachyrhinosaurus characters made into action figure form. He has hips and shoulder joints with plenty of movement back, forth, inwards and outwards. The head has a universal joint plugging into the head allowing for wonderful head movement. As well as a mouth joint for chewing whatever your heart desires. All in all pretty good. Just needs a better paint deco. The other Pachyrhinosaurus, Patchi has a different head sculpt. But I'll pick that one up later.

Gorgon the Gorgosaurus is excellent, this version is the electronic version and apart from that both look identical and have 13 points of articulation. In head and neck you have the jaw, ball joint at the base of the skull and another one into the main body. Swivel arms and the legs have 4 pts of articulation each with ball socket hip, universal joints at the knee and swivels for the ankle and foot.

This allows for some wonderfully dynamic poses. His tail has no movement and you could probably straighten it out with boiling water then bending it.

Now both are in scale with each other (Gorosaurus is one of the smaller ones in the Tyrannosaurus family) while the 4th figure, the Troodon is probably better for 1/12scale. But both versions of that figure sadly have 6pts of articulation, they would have been amazing had they had the same ammount as Gorgon. Oh well.

The Mega Blok figure, though stylized is more or less about the size a person would be to these animals in real life.  Human Alliance figure would work well with them too. If you want dinosaur toys these are good and I recommend them.


  1. Saw these over the weekend at our local TRU.

  2. You had me at "dinosaurs."

  3. Need to see if they're available in oz

    1. I know that one guy from Australia on the fighting1.18th forums has the beautiful Ultimate Gorgon, bought it locally.


    2. thanks, saw them in toysrus today, bit expensive though so I may have to come back!