Sunday, 29 September 2013

GI Joe's Retaliaiton against my wallet part 1.

I was supposed to do this sooner, but the last wave came along with the extras of wave 3.5 I'd managed to get from my excellent plastic crack dealer. Then a certain GTA V comes out and boom, there goes all the free time.

Anyway lets get down to business with talking about these wonderful figures.


Budo, is straight up traditional looking, he's got the body parts of the Red Ninja in his legs and torso, everything else is brand new (and shared with SDCC Bludgeon). His legs are restricted even after slicing the sides of the skirt armour piece due to the rubbery plastic being rather stiff. Still it's a freaking gorgeous Samurai figure. But not for everyone.

 This trio are the Cobra Data Viper, Cobra Commander and one of his Crimson Guardsmen. Now the Data Viper finally got released (along with wavemate Kwinn, more on him later). He's pretty cool, fidly in his accessories so I have him with just his Nintendo Power Gloves on (they're so bad). CC is beautiful, go buy him. I dig the Crimson Guard update, being a figure formed from previous parts, it doesn't quite mesh, his sword and knife like to clash when moving his left leg. Still Liekd him enough to get 3. I dig the helmet and combat ready gear.

Duke... well I had to take the scalpel to him, since his arms don't quite work. Ditched the movie style vest since it was that stiff plastic, this guy is given the modified vest from the Ninja Combat Cruiser figure. I shaved off plastic in the biceps and side of the pecks, allowing him to hold his weapons with both hands like a real soldier, yay.

The Cobra Combat Ninja who is really just a movie style Trooper, is awesome. Love the new head and helmet and the 2 new rifles (the new AK kit Bullpup and shorter stick G36). Any figure that uses the Shock Trooper body is gonna be wonderful. A pity he's only one per case.
The New 1985 v2 style Snake-Eyes is good, the body would make for a great diver base... hmmm that gives me an idea.

Now for an abrupt ending... or reassess.


  1. The only 2 am even interested in is Ultimate Cobra Commander and Kwinn which i hope will turn up soon.

  2. I've picked up Budo and Kwinn so far.Wonkey eyed Roadblock is on the way.Nice Dio's!

  3. Damn, now I'm going to have to buy these!

  4. Very cool figures, my favorites are the Cobra trio.

    BTW, where on Earth did you get that amazing war-torn building and other background accessories!? It makes your Joes look so amazingly lifelike!


      It's the World Peacekeepers Power Team Elite Battlefield set, I got it locally in New Zealand from a store. I think in the USA you can find the brand at Biglots off Amazon etc.

    2. Cool, thanks! It's amazing!