Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... ... Hired to do some wet work.

  • I decided to make Old Solid Snake from MGS4.

  • Recipe:

    Head: RoC Duke (one of the thinner, unpainted skin), sculpted Solid eye, bandanna hair and moustache
    Body upper: RoC Wave 1 Snake-eyes, minor Sculpting on the back and soldiers, neck transplanted from MU Dr Strange.
    Waist: Dr Strange's lower body spliced with ROC abdomen. Sculpting.
    Arms: Upper belong to RoC w1 Snake-eyes, forearms from City Strike Snake-eyes and Retaliation Movie Snake-eyes Hands. Minor sculpting on upper and lower.
    Legs: All MU Dr Strange, Shorten the lower legs, sculpted on the feet, knees and the straps for the Holster (PoC type)
    Vest: Modified Retaliation Joe Trooper with Sculpted front and pouches from Bravo team and Retaliation Clutch's vest.
    Belt: Modified Retaliation Gun Kata Roadblock, with spare Knife Sheath added on the back and painted elastic for the straps between the legs.

    Cardboard Box, made in photoshop and tried to follow as much of the in-game model as possible printed onto comic card.

    Bonus, Nice suit Snake.

  • Still got a few things to do, make a scratch built knee high Metal Gear Mk2, a shitty Barrel (hah) and new playboy for sexy distractions.  Peace!


  1. Ha! You have him sneaking around in his box like in the games love it.

  2. Nice custom! One day, I must try the printed out extras like the box. I've got several printed, just need to make the time to cut & glue!