Saturday, 25 May 2013

Custom Palooza part 2

SCIENCE, this is what you get when you swap a bunch of RoC Doctor Rex legs out with RoC Cobra Commander's fancy pants and nice shoes. Then add random heads and stuff. SCIENCE!

Dangerous when wet, Shipwreck is the US$ store basic figure with a spare Steel Brigade turtle neck painted to match, a spare holster donated from an accident topped off with shoulder straps kindly given from a RoC City Strike Snake-eyes. RoC Deep-Six, I just gave a spare PoC Hawk vest to and gave him a bigger backpack (from RoC Shipwreck). Finally Wet-Suit had a spare RoC Flash helmet painted to match his classic helmet, swapped out arms and I need to find better fitting hands. All his Orange was given a darker paint wash for detailing.

 Spirit got a skin paint wash/wipe so the darker colour goes in the cracks and detail, muddy boots and knee pads. His face got the Billy from Predator face camo look, since the head is influenced by that film. Lt. Falcon, Al the green got a darker camo-green wash, all flesh received the paint wash. I swapped his webbing out for Resolute Stalker's. Unseen is his fully painted backpack donated from a PoC Hawk figure. Footloose, just had the skin given a light paint wash to get in the cracks and crevasses with some 5 o'clock shadow on the jaw line.

W.I.P Airborne and Ripcord, waiting on parts to come.

Finally, Bazooka got upgraded with cloves and body armor from a 30th Iron Grenadier, which was modified so he could still wear his backpack snuggly.


  1. Just amazing like the last batch you showed.

  2. Great customs! And some great ideas to "borrow"!