Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Custom Palooza part 1

It's time, time to put my customs up on here, so here goes:

• First up is Duke, the Dukester, Hauser supremo. He's very simple, just put the Renegades head onto the Resolute Duke body. Then I gave all the skin areas a light paint wash so it brings out the skin details. And gave him one of many spare RoC Desert Duke rifles.

• Then we have Mirage and Repeater, both very quick and easy. They mostly came about by having spare bodies laying around. Repeater is just a PoC Hawk with a painted RoC Pit MP head w/Sgt Stone's vest, the smart gun is off a Hottoys Aliens Snap kit. Mirage takes the Retaliation Duke body with Resolute Stalker's legs swapped out and Arctic Resolute Duke's head. Accessories include Renegades Ripcord's goggles, a spare Steel Brigade Trooper's bandoleer. The rifle is one of the ones that came with Paris Pursuit Baroness and later PoC Beach Head. Not sure I dig the legs, might need to find a better pair to match the Mega marines sculpt.

• Lady-Jaye is my take on the Concept vault version and inspired by the recent Night Force convention figure. The legs are from a Steel Brigade Delta, feet from the 3rd 25th Lady-Jaye (2nd 5-pack) along with here lower arms and gloves. everything else is from the 1st 25th Lady-jaye and the rifle is borrowed from the Retaliation Lady-Jaye.

All have had paint washes on the skin, while Red Dog and Taurus  got given spare vests.

Mouse just swapped his vest for a Troopers and got a skin wash for details. That is a damn good head sculpt fyi.

My current Recondo (since PoC Recondo is going to be used to make many other figures) His head is one of the 7-pack Dreadnoks. If I can find my 25th Recondo head I'll just use that, if not then a slightly more Australian Recondo it is.

I like the RoC Eels, so much I just gave their vests and oxygen tanks a make over and that's that.

I upgraded the RoC Storm Shadow by swapping out his hands from the 2nd wave Retaliation Storm Shadow. Swapped the head since this one is better proportioned. Gave the whole lot a light codex blue/grey/space wolves wash.  Tah-dah.

End of Part 1.


  1. There are look fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with all of us. : )

  2. More amazing stuff! Digging the paint washes. One day, one day, I must try that!