Saturday, 25 May 2013

Custom Palooza part 2

SCIENCE, this is what you get when you swap a bunch of RoC Doctor Rex legs out with RoC Cobra Commander's fancy pants and nice shoes. Then add random heads and stuff. SCIENCE!

Dangerous when wet, Shipwreck is the US$ store basic figure with a spare Steel Brigade turtle neck painted to match, a spare holster donated from an accident topped off with shoulder straps kindly given from a RoC City Strike Snake-eyes. RoC Deep-Six, I just gave a spare PoC Hawk vest to and gave him a bigger backpack (from RoC Shipwreck). Finally Wet-Suit had a spare RoC Flash helmet painted to match his classic helmet, swapped out arms and I need to find better fitting hands. All his Orange was given a darker paint wash for detailing.

 Spirit got a skin paint wash/wipe so the darker colour goes in the cracks and detail, muddy boots and knee pads. His face got the Billy from Predator face camo look, since the head is influenced by that film. Lt. Falcon, Al the green got a darker camo-green wash, all flesh received the paint wash. I swapped his webbing out for Resolute Stalker's. Unseen is his fully painted backpack donated from a PoC Hawk figure. Footloose, just had the skin given a light paint wash to get in the cracks and crevasses with some 5 o'clock shadow on the jaw line.

W.I.P Airborne and Ripcord, waiting on parts to come.

Finally, Bazooka got upgraded with cloves and body armor from a 30th Iron Grenadier, which was modified so he could still wear his backpack snuggly.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Custom Palooza part 1

It's time, time to put my customs up on here, so here goes:

• First up is Duke, the Dukester, Hauser supremo. He's very simple, just put the Renegades head onto the Resolute Duke body. Then I gave all the skin areas a light paint wash so it brings out the skin details. And gave him one of many spare RoC Desert Duke rifles.

• Then we have Mirage and Repeater, both very quick and easy. They mostly came about by having spare bodies laying around. Repeater is just a PoC Hawk with a painted RoC Pit MP head w/Sgt Stone's vest, the smart gun is off a Hottoys Aliens Snap kit. Mirage takes the Retaliation Duke body with Resolute Stalker's legs swapped out and Arctic Resolute Duke's head. Accessories include Renegades Ripcord's goggles, a spare Steel Brigade Trooper's bandoleer. The rifle is one of the ones that came with Paris Pursuit Baroness and later PoC Beach Head. Not sure I dig the legs, might need to find a better pair to match the Mega marines sculpt.

• Lady-Jaye is my take on the Concept vault version and inspired by the recent Night Force convention figure. The legs are from a Steel Brigade Delta, feet from the 3rd 25th Lady-Jaye (2nd 5-pack) along with here lower arms and gloves. everything else is from the 1st 25th Lady-jaye and the rifle is borrowed from the Retaliation Lady-Jaye.

All have had paint washes on the skin, while Red Dog and Taurus  got given spare vests.

Mouse just swapped his vest for a Troopers and got a skin wash for details. That is a damn good head sculpt fyi.

My current Recondo (since PoC Recondo is going to be used to make many other figures) His head is one of the 7-pack Dreadnoks. If I can find my 25th Recondo head I'll just use that, if not then a slightly more Australian Recondo it is.

I like the RoC Eels, so much I just gave their vests and oxygen tanks a make over and that's that.

I upgraded the RoC Storm Shadow by swapping out his hands from the 2nd wave Retaliation Storm Shadow. Swapped the head since this one is better proportioned. Gave the whole lot a light codex blue/grey/space wolves wash.  Tah-dah.

End of Part 1.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Oh Cyber Viper

Why do I like this figure sooooo much?

Cause he rocks, and is full of CYBER-power. I'd love to pick up a couple more, I kind see him/them as Arsenal Tengu from MGS2.

More to come (CUSTOMS!)