Wednesday, 10 April 2013


AS if buying SDCC Jinx wasn't enough, I go and buy the 2012 club Footloose off a local seller whom I also purchased Jinx from.

Was it worth it? um... YEAH.

He's made from the soon to be released Kwinn (torso and arms), Sgt Slaughter Legs (no way I'm ever going to afford or justify spending the ammount of money asked online for that figure, I'm better off getting a Con box set or a bunch of Club subscription figures... or a platoon of Cobra soldiers).

His head was used for an earlier Club box set figure, very Tom Selleck looking,  his helmet is too. The Webgear is from a comic pack Lt. Falcon, rides up a bit and isn't a good match for the torso size. Still a bot of boiling water helped stretch it slightly.

He comes with PoC Jungle Duke's gear (rifle, backpack, torch, machete and handgun) and Bazooka's bazooka and one shell(or whatever you call it) for that.

Since he has Kwinn's arms he has some glorious extra articulation in the wrists, the first that are straight up sculpted for flesh (Lifeline's were painted).

All in all a fantastic if pricey purchase.

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  1. He looks fantastic and yeah those Con Exclusives can be pricey.