Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why it's a BEAST WAR(s) of some sort.

Just some pics today of some lovely Beast Wars:

Insecticon is simple, but he's a basic and a flipchanger, what more do you want. They've also never used this mold after production this character... maybe the lost/destroyed the molds?

Sky-Shadow is probably my favourite fuzor that wasn't on the show. Nuff said.

Injector is infamous and totally radical. He's a hornet wearing a Fish hat. Prowl is behind him, one of the three Maximals who form Magnaboss and is apparently Datsun Police car Prowl after the Great War... in at least one continuity.

Spittor is another favourite of mine, a transmetal Frog/toad/whatever. All joints and all bendy. Bonecrusher the maximal Buffalo is rather nifty for an early deluxe. And hey when will we ever get another Buffalo transformer?


    I bought two of him. Should've kept one sealed, but at well... at least my Insecticon dual-wields crossbows, yes?