Wednesday, 30 January 2013

End of the month...

Time for O-rings!

Now I grew up with Transformers, Lego (soooo good), Dinoriders, M.A.S.K and a bit of Centurions. But the daddy of them all was G.I Joe. First figure was a 86 B.A.T and my first vehicle was the Tomahawk (my brother convinced me that the Havok was lame and that a helicopter was better to get, he got the Conquest X-30 and a B.A.T, and years before that Action Force releases of Bazooka and a Cobra Trooper).

So O'Rings, though they are not my focus with G.I.Joe, I will eternally love them. Something about the sculpts of those days I find so endearing now. Even now I'm half tempted to track down some 1998 Cobra infantry 3-packs...

A vintage HiSS I picked up that came with the Driver and a loose Major Bludd.

These JvC era O-ring 2-packs figures were some of the 1st Joes to see New Zealand shores since the early 90s. Along with them came those crap t-crotched wave 1 figures, later came the Spy Troops (2-3 waves) and 4 waves of Valor vs Venom along with some single carded repacks, hence why I have about 10 o-Ring Neo-Vipers in Blue. Quite why I have a HiSS IV I don't know... if I'm not so embarrassed I mike take a few pictures this year with it.

I love the Cobra Viper, my brother had the 86 Viper, his leg broke sadly back in the day. I did end up with the 1990/1 Sonic Viper who was gold and brown with a red visor. Somewhere down rhe line they lost the lower body parts and replaced them with B.A.T legs sometime after all the Extreme and Sgt Savage silly.

Seriously... Vipers are excellente. Maybe I should go get a few more O'Ring figures...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why it's a BEAST WAR(s) of some sort.

Just some pics today of some lovely Beast Wars:

Insecticon is simple, but he's a basic and a flipchanger, what more do you want. They've also never used this mold after production this character... maybe the lost/destroyed the molds?

Sky-Shadow is probably my favourite fuzor that wasn't on the show. Nuff said.

Injector is infamous and totally radical. He's a hornet wearing a Fish hat. Prowl is behind him, one of the three Maximals who form Magnaboss and is apparently Datsun Police car Prowl after the Great War... in at least one continuity.

Spittor is another favourite of mine, a transmetal Frog/toad/whatever. All joints and all bendy. Bonecrusher the maximal Buffalo is rather nifty for an early deluxe. And hey when will we ever get another Buffalo transformer?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Too much exposure!

It was time for some outside Joe pictures. You know it. I know it. Moltar know it. Zorak know it. Tansut know it. Brak know it. Lokar know it. And those other people know it, too.

They even know that the PoC and Marauder box set Spiritare basically Sonny Landham from Predator, which honestly is a way better look than the classic Spirit (and way less of a Racial caricature). 

And here we have the Shadow Tracker who has a sweet skull under that mask and hair. Falcon ain't bad either. Once you give him some spare web gear (I'm using the Resolute Stalker harness).

And here we have a humble Viper, and this incarnation happens to be one of the best Vipers ever made. I'd very much like it if they were to say... give us this guy in the early 2000s Joe vs Cobra Green and light Grey colours... or the one from the Concept case:

Till next time, whenever that may be.