Monday, 9 December 2013

1986 meet 2002

Flashback time, 1986 and I'm  4 years old, I've just gotten my 1st G.I. Joe figure ever and it's the Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

He still survives to this day, minus his crotch and all his limbs are floppy. This is the figure that started it all for me. He's the tin trooper who kept on ticking.

There is just something wonderful about the ARAH O-Ring style figures...

edit: forgot to mention the General (Toma)Hawk in the image is from the 2002 Joe vs Cobra series who came with an excellent repaint of the Drug Dealer Headman. 2002 was the 1st time new G.I. Joes would be on New Zealand shores since 1994.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Cracker: Stormtrooper time

I bought one of the wave 2 Black Series 3 3/4inch Stormtroopers along with the 2013 Saga Legends Stormtroopers. Why you ask? because the Saga Legends 5points of Articulation figure's head sculpt nails the Stormtrooper helmet in proportions. Now as an articulation junkie I had to use this head on the better body. Low and behold this work in progress.


 The Helmet just looks so right. Now you have to do a ton of drilling on the replacement head then make your own ball socket to fit whatever you're going use for a neck joint. I opted for using the single carded MU Cyclops neck.

He can look side to side, up and down, all the goodness you need. The body of the figure is a reuse of the Vintage collection Sandtrooper, so he has those saddle riding hips and a tab slot in the back for the Sandtrooper pack. I filled that in, but those hips man... terrible. They make the tops of the thigh armour rotate outwards when raising the leg up and reduce the knee articulation. Something drastic will have to be done about this by me.

Seriously Hasbo, just tool up that new head to fit your standard Trooper body. Also clean your paint apps up, they're atrocious

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Everybody get down and get on the floor...

... it's time for Walking with Dinosaurs.

So these new Walking With Dinosaurs 3D movie figures arrived in one of the chain stores in New Zealand just recently (hopefully others follow) with 3 price points, the Electronic Roar figures, the basic action figures (which are just the electronic roar figures without... electronics and slightly less at retail) and some smaller 3-pack figurines of the Pachyrhinosaurus. Sadly no blind bag figurines on the shelf nor the large Ultimate Gorgon which would be perfect with G.I. Joes and the like.

 See here, HUGE!

This is the electronic roar Scowler, he's one of 2 Pachyrhinosaurus characters made into action figure form. He has hips and shoulder joints with plenty of movement back, forth, inwards and outwards. The head has a universal joint plugging into the head allowing for wonderful head movement. As well as a mouth joint for chewing whatever your heart desires. All in all pretty good. Just needs a better paint deco. The other Pachyrhinosaurus, Patchi has a different head sculpt. But I'll pick that one up later.

Gorgon the Gorgosaurus is excellent, this version is the electronic version and apart from that both look identical and have 13 points of articulation. In head and neck you have the jaw, ball joint at the base of the skull and another one into the main body. Swivel arms and the legs have 4 pts of articulation each with ball socket hip, universal joints at the knee and swivels for the ankle and foot.

This allows for some wonderfully dynamic poses. His tail has no movement and you could probably straighten it out with boiling water then bending it.

Now both are in scale with each other (Gorosaurus is one of the smaller ones in the Tyrannosaurus family) while the 4th figure, the Troodon is probably better for 1/12scale. But both versions of that figure sadly have 6pts of articulation, they would have been amazing had they had the same ammount as Gorgon. Oh well.

The Mega Blok figure, though stylized is more or less about the size a person would be to these animals in real life.  Human Alliance figure would work well with them too. If you want dinosaur toys these are good and I recommend them.

Friday, 18 October 2013

SPOOKTOBER! Skeletons have chased me all my life

Make no bones about it, I love Skeletons. And I'll buy all the Armies of Darkness deadites I can.

I'm pretty sure Jason and the Argonauts, the 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Armies of Darkness not to mention everything D&D related solidified my love for the bones.

Monday, 7 October 2013

SPOOKTOBER! One for JAC and the Mojoverse.

Revoltech Skeleton you are so good. Also big shout out to Svend whom was awesome enough to piggy back these 2 Ages of Action figures to his SmallJoes order, he is the Don of Dons.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

GI Joe's Retaliaiton against my wallet part 1.

I was supposed to do this sooner, but the last wave came along with the extras of wave 3.5 I'd managed to get from my excellent plastic crack dealer. Then a certain GTA V comes out and boom, there goes all the free time.

Anyway lets get down to business with talking about these wonderful figures.


Budo, is straight up traditional looking, he's got the body parts of the Red Ninja in his legs and torso, everything else is brand new (and shared with SDCC Bludgeon). His legs are restricted even after slicing the sides of the skirt armour piece due to the rubbery plastic being rather stiff. Still it's a freaking gorgeous Samurai figure. But not for everyone.

 This trio are the Cobra Data Viper, Cobra Commander and one of his Crimson Guardsmen. Now the Data Viper finally got released (along with wavemate Kwinn, more on him later). He's pretty cool, fidly in his accessories so I have him with just his Nintendo Power Gloves on (they're so bad). CC is beautiful, go buy him. I dig the Crimson Guard update, being a figure formed from previous parts, it doesn't quite mesh, his sword and knife like to clash when moving his left leg. Still Liekd him enough to get 3. I dig the helmet and combat ready gear.

Duke... well I had to take the scalpel to him, since his arms don't quite work. Ditched the movie style vest since it was that stiff plastic, this guy is given the modified vest from the Ninja Combat Cruiser figure. I shaved off plastic in the biceps and side of the pecks, allowing him to hold his weapons with both hands like a real soldier, yay.

The Cobra Combat Ninja who is really just a movie style Trooper, is awesome. Love the new head and helmet and the 2 new rifles (the new AK kit Bullpup and shorter stick G36). Any figure that uses the Shock Trooper body is gonna be wonderful. A pity he's only one per case.
The New 1985 v2 style Snake-Eyes is good, the body would make for a great diver base... hmmm that gives me an idea.

Now for an abrupt ending... or reassess.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

1/18 Actionman custom (cue some John Barry Bond music)

Been wanting to do this ever since I got my hands on a Retaliation Flint, the one you plunder for the guns, webbing, beret and head.

I based him on the 70/80s Actionman my older brother grew up with, tried to capture that British military look, but keep it simple. The beret is coloured to represent the Paratroopers of the United Kingdom, since it stood out more than say a Tan S.A.S beret (I'll make those guys later).


naturally the beret is removable.

I painted the face to match the skin tone on the hands.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

One Eye on the Shockwave

I've come to the conclusion, ever since Cyberverse continued from DotM into last year's Prime line and into the Beast Hunters continuation of Prime series. That the smaller scale is really for me. Pocket sized Transformers that give you a pretty big bang for your buck. Add to them Cyberjets, scout sized vehicles and the recent 2-pack Legends figures and I'm sticking with this line of thinking till the end.

 They also make for easier customization at a fraction of the price, if you screw it up.

Like the new Commander class Shockwave, who has 2 flaws that you can live with but I felt like modding. 1) his head wasn't able to move, 2) his arm cannon was lacking an underside.

Honestly I just pile them all into the same contunity and have the different aesthetics be different sub groups of the Transformers race. Then take the best of each Optimus Prime etc as the current look.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let us CYBER-battle once more!

GOod things come in small packages... which sums up the glory that is the Cyberverse Transformers line and those that came before them (legends, Cyberjets, minicons, Micromasters).

Awwwww yeah.

Friday, 12 July 2013

That's definitely a three flusher

Ha-Ha time for toys!

I really like those Dollar Store G.I.Joes, even these troopers with the blue Booties.

My Skelly collection so far, spookington!