Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spooked my guts off

I was gonna take more but the wind picked and knocked down the figures too much, damn you wind... DAMN YOOOOU!

So I'll keep it brief:

Photobucket was being a pain today...


  1. Hey man,
    Games workshop has put up some of their upcoming 'The Hobbit' miniatures, you should check them out as reference for future customs. I'm not too keen on the Trolls though!

    1. Thanks man, I might have to buy the next issue of White Dwarf.

      Though not the miniatures or games, they've gotten way to expensive, especially down here in NZ.

      I kinda like the trolls, as they have to talk in the Hobbit. Keen to see what that looks like in Action Figure form.

      Stone Troll & Nori and the Goblin King Playset have yet to be seen (we only know about them via listings)

      see here:;post=451071;guest=18230271