Monday, 5 November 2012

Some size comparions and W.I.P and bonus DWARF PIC

SO here we are precious...

War, Grinnah, custom head sculpt on a LotR Frodo baggins, Custom Elf and an Armies of Darkness castle soldier. Behold the 1/18 scale, I should have put one of the dwarves in this, oh well. Next time.

This knight has been sitting on the w.i.p bench for a while, I need to do some work on his legs and make a soft goods tabard and some fancy hardware store wire for a few belts and scabbard. Helmet is removable too, head is from Zee german Indiana Jones Motorbike rider.

Elven archer here is using the Vintage Aayla Secura body with right lower arm and hands donated by the Tauriel hobbit figure (plenty on the shelves to replace the donor). Sculpted fur on the boot tops and some 80s-tastic hair and ears. Oh and the feet are from another Jedi figure.

Orcs, sculpted different tops for them, as I don't want them to be clones. One has ear extensions and hair. Been toying with getting some Revoltech joints for ankles too. ORcsssssess precioussss.

Also picked up a Dwarf 2-pack of Balin and Dwalin. They rock and are great sculpts. Buy'em.

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