Thursday, 8 November 2012

It's on like Konkey Dong

Can I keep this up?

SO I finished 3 more figures in my mad quest, what is the outcome... I'm making it up as I go.

So medium sculpting and viola, individual orcs. I know I wont stop at just two...

I'm happy with the filthy.

Now on to the Elf archer:

Got a slight Native American  influence with the parts and colours (lower half anyway), I dig.

She is in need of a few touch ups with the paint job. I'm rather pleased with how she turned out (thank you for the Vintage SW figure Hasbro).

More over the weekend.


  1. Wow! amazing customs! I just put up some Hobbit customs of my own! I'm particularly interested in your Fimbul based figures, they look awesome. I may have to base mine on yours!

  2. Done and you're gonna be referenced in future work I plan to do. Seriously I'm inspired.

  3. I'm very glad! The three Fimbul sets I ordered arrived today, I honestly hope that I can come close to the work you did on yours. I can't figure out how to sculpt that armour! and thanks for the reference pics as well.

    1. My super secret: The armour on the orc with the chain-mail neck piece (donated from an Armies of Darkness deadite) is the Viper-Commando/Nano-Viper body armour pressed into the Green stuff on the body. Letting it do the texture work for me.

      Then some tooth pick holes in simulate indented rivets or something.