Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Let the Orc(age) commence!

Some green stuff and another day viola:

A slightly lopsided gross looking fella.

With helmet on you can see the vague face in shadow, works for me and hey, I need practice.

Now for battle, and the vaguely Nord looking warrior (blame Skyrim and reading a lot of Conan).

A Nano-Viper donated his armor (shoulder pads from Armies of Darkness: Bad-Ash) Helmet from I wish I knew. Body: All Joe. Fur thanks to a Vintage Gamorrean Guard.

Finally I post this image of a Bridge Direct Hobbit orc (the one from the Warg pack) with another Nano-Viper vest and random Armies of Darkness gear. Vague MotU (thanks Alexx) look to him. Yay for mixing and matching.

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do.

One pic this time

So I got me a Return of the King Frodo Baggins in his Mordor disguise. Turns out he makes for a good 1/18 stocky Orc type.

So what was I to do? Why sculpt over that face and make him horrible looking. I love green stuff, it's the best.


I'm gonna need a few more and the Sam in disguise one, they'll be a great little Army builder companion to the Hobbit line.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

It's been a hard day's night And I've been working like a warg.


Yeah, so Bridge Direct's Hobbit figures are starting to trickle out here in New Zealand. And I have to say they're pretty good.

Especially this Warg set. I feel I'm gonna need a few more (customize the orcs) for a pack. They've got more articulation than the Indiana Jones Horse too, bodes well for Trolls and the eventual Smaug.

Bellys full of Dwarf, time to have a middle earth siesta

Oh my, who leads the pack? Warg does.