Thursday, 12 January 2012

Late again as usual.

It's January, 2012...

Time to post some pics and stuff I've been working on. Along with some old photos I never put up.

First up, I finally got around to painting my HiSS II, a vehicle I got last year 2nd hand. One that I'd wanted since 1989. Such a cool design, needs some counter weights because it likes to tip over at certain angles when people are in the cockpit (fatties).

Zee German Grey works wonders, dirtied up the treads and underside. Viola.

While I'd love a squadron, I'm happy with one. This brings my total to 1x HiSS II, 1x 25th HiSS, 1x 25th Snow HiSS, 1 x 1983 HiSS (Vintage) and the remains of my old Septic Tank sprayed Black and mud. First world problems.

I made 2 custom members for my Joe team, on loan from Action Force (cor'Blimey!). Banshee and Bulldog, made them up. Banshee is oh so loosely based the late 70s Punk Movement in the UK, hence the Zarana head (really wanted to make a hero have that head and hair) and my love for the band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Bulldog on the left is based on the show Ultimate Force (UK S.A.S action drama), mainly Ross Kemp's character. Plus an excuse to do more 5 O'clock shadow.

Touched up Renegades Scarlett, might have gone overboard on the lip colour. But oh well. Love this figure though (the show is aces too).

And a work in progress for Major Bludd, need to make a more casual outfit for him. Something with a coat too, so he can been seen in public.

I'm also working on a Viper squad based loosely on the Tri-State Viper's club, who made a figure for members that you can see reviewed here: tristateviper review. Badass. So I thank the 4 Shocktroopers (my only ones) for the sacrifice of their bodies. More later.

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  1. >"viola" instead of "voila"

    Also, FUCKYEAR, HISS Mark II! You did a great job with it... and with EVERYTHING here, man. You even managed to get an unfy hip post outta the purple-haired number, too.

    I approve.