Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Only Duke I need, plus some simple mixing and matching/custom paint jobs.

The Bad News, i've rethought my PMC idea and taken the parts I can still use. (I can't take apart the 3oth Cobra Troopers, they're too good. Loosing one to the cause was enough).

The Good News, I've gone off on another tangent. Joe vs Cobra!

First up:

Duke, all around ass kicker and spotlight hogger. Personally I blame the Fighting 1:18th for influencing me with various kick ass customs.

All he needs is a Rifle Sling and a overcompensating hand gun.

Head: Pulse Rifle Duke
Torso: 30th Cobra Trooper (your sacrifice will not be forgotten)
Upper Legs: 30th Cobra Trooper
Lower legs and feet: Rengades Duke
Arms: Renegades Duke (unpainted)

Weapon: RoC Duke
Vest: Resolute Duke

Now we have some Steel Brigade and making the 25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper useful again (that's where I'll be giving all the Renegade Trooper vests too).

The Beginnings of my team of misfits.
The CQB expert, the Sniper, the Demolitions expert and... the Boss.