Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Dumb ass finally updates his blog.

Ack, anyway time to share with you some goodness:

yep, bought some series 2 Armies of Darkness figures. Got 2 lots of 16 with exactly the same set of figures in each. So that gives me 8 Deadites, 6 Soldiers, 4 Henry the Red, 4 Eyepatch Deadites, 4 Evil ash, 4 Witches and 2 Flying deadites. All in all I'm very pleased. I should really Ebay or something for some more skeleton goodness.

Plus they come with a decent amount of shields and weapons, so I wont have to rely on the multitude of Samurai swords from the various Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadows I have. They also feature rubbery armour bits so they can reuse the bodies. Clever. Also means it's easier to transplant them to Joe style bodies without having to worry about joints breaking.

The paint apps are nice, but have frozen some of the joints on the various figures, time loosen these old bones up. I really really like'em.

Now I should really get back to my chopping board, these figures ain't gonna customize themselves.

more pics later.


  1. Well hello Mister Fancypants.

  2. These look cool, I thought they were customs where did you get them? I have a couple of the deadite figs ut would like more of them and the knight's. Really cool blog you got going here!