Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh why July?

Do I really need to type this one?

Now that you've given me you face, I've got a lot of catching up to do and updating(dude) to get cracking with...

Gonna get gat.

Goddamn delicious Vipers,  don't know which one I prefer, the classic Jackboot 25th style (never minded the wrists, just needed gun with a grip that fits, like a glove. But then the Pursuit of Cobra comes and gives us a refried Viper made(cleverly) from parts of recent figures (and some old parts too). Do I combine them into a super Viper custom and attempt to army build? Do I keep them separate never to touch? so far, 4 25th style and 2 PoC... 

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  1. Damn straight. Neckbeards can bitch all they want, but 25th Vipers were some of the only 25th Anniversary figures of the entire goddamn line that could hold their weapons in a natural-looking firing pose.