Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Only Duke I need, plus some simple mixing and matching/custom paint jobs.

The Bad News, i've rethought my PMC idea and taken the parts I can still use. (I can't take apart the 3oth Cobra Troopers, they're too good. Loosing one to the cause was enough).

The Good News, I've gone off on another tangent. Joe vs Cobra!

First up:

Duke, all around ass kicker and spotlight hogger. Personally I blame the Fighting 1:18th for influencing me with various kick ass customs.

All he needs is a Rifle Sling and a overcompensating hand gun.

Head: Pulse Rifle Duke
Torso: 30th Cobra Trooper (your sacrifice will not be forgotten)
Upper Legs: 30th Cobra Trooper
Lower legs and feet: Rengades Duke
Arms: Renegades Duke (unpainted)

Weapon: RoC Duke
Vest: Resolute Duke

Now we have some Steel Brigade and making the 25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper useful again (that's where I'll be giving all the Renegade Trooper vests too).

The Beginnings of my team of misfits.
The CQB expert, the Sniper, the Demolitions expert and... the Boss.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh no, what have I done?!?!?!

Ahahaha, custom frenzy!

Tons of Sculpting to do of the Lizard-of-man. And once he/she/it is done, I'll make more! Maybe use some Spider-Man Venom figure bodies for brute sized lizardous fun. keep it brief.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Dumb ass finally updates his blog.

Ack, anyway time to share with you some goodness:

yep, bought some series 2 Armies of Darkness figures. Got 2 lots of 16 with exactly the same set of figures in each. So that gives me 8 Deadites, 6 Soldiers, 4 Henry the Red, 4 Eyepatch Deadites, 4 Evil ash, 4 Witches and 2 Flying deadites. All in all I'm very pleased. I should really Ebay or something for some more skeleton goodness.

Plus they come with a decent amount of shields and weapons, so I wont have to rely on the multitude of Samurai swords from the various Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadows I have. They also feature rubbery armour bits so they can reuse the bodies. Clever. Also means it's easier to transplant them to Joe style bodies without having to worry about joints breaking.

The paint apps are nice, but have frozen some of the joints on the various figures, time loosen these old bones up. I really really like'em.

Now I should really get back to my chopping board, these figures ain't gonna customize themselves.

more pics later.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh why July?

Do I really need to type this one?

Now that you've given me you face, I've got a lot of catching up to do and updating(dude) to get cracking with...

Gonna get gat.

Goddamn delicious Vipers,  don't know which one I prefer, the classic Jackboot 25th style (never minded the wrists, just needed gun with a grip that fits, like a glove. But then the Pursuit of Cobra comes and gives us a refried Viper made(cleverly) from parts of recent figures (and some old parts too). Do I combine them into a super Viper custom and attempt to army build? Do I keep them separate never to touch? so far, 4 25th style and 2 PoC... 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OH, it's June already... fffff.

Wake the damn baby.

Yep, been lazy. Till then have a picture. Now I better go and create some original content. Also, /toy/ in the summer and lame trolling. Gah. Dull.

Goddamn bugs wacked us Johnny!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Freedom is the right to - Give me your face!

Well then, let us get to it. So Dark of the Moon stuff came out last week. So who did I get first?

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYEEEET, Jetformers 4-life. Here is Starscream, great bot mode, jetmode is all most flawless and his mechtech weapons can go into storage (seriously his are crap). I think, nay I KNOW... I'll be eagerly awaiting any repaints of this mold. Thundercracker is already in the pipeline (Wave 3), and I think there was a listing for Skywarp in the Takara/Tomy lists for later in the year.

Ratchet is pretty good too, as you can see. He fits in with HftD deluxe Ironhide and Battle Blades Optimus Prime. Along with any scout class class car. Mechtech is still goofy, but at long last he has his saw-blade.

Last but not least, Crankcase. Ignore the beating he's getting above, he is my Favourite so far. Perfect for Ramming those bitches mentioned above in vehicle mode (it works in my book), his mechtech is good enough to stay in Gun mode and my god, that light piping. Middle fingers aren't clipped so he'll forever be flipping off any Autobot.

I'll save Cyberverse for another entry, because they're that damn good.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cherry-popping(blogging) time

Bossk welcomes you to this rather unremarkable blog, so sit down,  have a cup of tea and enjoy (or watch the updates get fewer and far between). Mainly photos, custom figures (if I ever finish them) and whatever I feel like.

So let's blast off, Mr Guncannon.